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    Price List
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    Price List

    All our products are 100% Australian Made.

    All Prices Subject to GST, Deliveries start from $50


    Glass is 4mm Clear Float / 4mm Toughened Frosted glass for bathrooms

    Height x Width (sizes) Fly screens Key locks
    0600 x 0610 = $172.50 $34.50 $23.00
    0600 x 0910 = $195.50 $34.50 $23.00
    0600 x 1210 = $207.00 $34.50 $23.00
    0600 x 1510 = $235.75 $34.50 $23.00
    0600 x 1810 = $258.75 $34.50 $23.00
    0900 x 0610 = $195.50 $34.50 $23.00
    0900 x 0910 = $210.45 $34.50 $23.00
    0900 x 1210 = $247.25 $40.25 $23.00
    0900 x 1510 = $285.20 $40.25 $23.00
    0900 x 1810 = $322.00 $40.25 $23.00
    1200 x 1210 = $297.85 $46.00 $23.00
    1200 x 1510 = $347.30 $46.00 $23.00
    1200 x 1810 = $373.75 $46.00 $23.00
    1200 x 2110 = $503.70 S/F/S $92.00 $46.00
    All Sliding Windows include a handle to open and close the window


    Glass is 5mm Clear Toughened

    Height x Width (sizes) Fly Doors Single Security Door
    2100 x 1610 = $626.75 $207.00 $287.50
    2100 x 1810 = $685.40 $218.50 $299.00
    2100 x 2110 = $771.65 $241.50 $322.00
    2100 x 2410 = $821.00 $264.50 $345.00
    Key locks for Sliding Doors are included. Sliding Doors come ready-to-assemble.

    Standard Colours: Pearl White, Satin Black, Clear Anodised and Pottery Satin (while stock lasts)

    Timber Reveal Costs

    90mm Timber Reveals for Fibro House

    $8.63 lineal metre

    110mm Timber Reveals for Cladding House

    $10.63 lineal metre

    140mm Timber Reveals for Brick Veneer House

    $13.23 lineal metre

    160mm Timber Reveals for Double Brick House

    $14.38 lineal metre

    Terms & Conditions

    In using Payless Windows & Doors website, services and goods, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:


    The following terminology applies to these Terms & Conditions and all agreements: “Client”, “Customer”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person accessing the website and accepting Payless Windows & Doors terms & conditions. “The Company”, “We” and “Us” refers to our company. “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us” refers to both the client and ourselves.

    Termination/Alteration of Agreements and Refund Policy:

    Payless Windows & Doors is committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the company on a need-to-know basis only use any information collected from individual customers. We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers. Your personal information is never shared or disclosed with any other person outside the company. Credit Card details are not kept on premises or in our data base system.


    Cash, Bank Transfers, Credit Card and EFT Debit Card payments are all acceptable methods of payment. Payless Windows & Doors does not accept Personal Cheques under any circumstance. Our terms are that the acceptance payment is required prior to fabrication; a progress payment is required halfway through fabrication (if applicable) and the final payment is required prior to collection/delivery/installation of goods. All goods remain the property of Payless Windows & Doors until the order has been paid for in full. If the customers’ preferred method of payment is to Bank Transfer, there may be a 24-48 hour delay on their order as the funds must successfully clear into our account before any forms of work may commence.


    The Company will have the delivery/installation carried out as close as possible to the customers requested date. Payless Windows & Doors will not be held liable for failure to meet the agreed delivery/installation date. Unforeseen delays may occur, resulting in a need to re-schedule the date to carry out the delivery/installation.

    Warranty and Servicing:

    Any parts or materials supplied by Payless Windows & Doors that are deemed faulty shall be replaced or repaired free of charge only if the company is notified in writing within 5 days of the customer receiving the goods. Payless Windows & Doors will not replace or repair broken or damaged glass. Any services or goods required outside of the agreed quotation will endure an appropriate charge.

    Termination/Alteration of Agreements and Refund Policy:

    All Aluminium Windows & Doors are made as per the agreed quotation, thus are non-refundable. All purchased stock aluminium windows & doors are non-refundable or exchangeable under any circumstance. The acceptance payment made by the customer confirms their approval of the order and our Terms & Conditions. No alterations are warranted once the acceptance payment has been made. Any services or goods required outside of the agreed quotation will endure an appropriate charge. The company is not responsible for the client supplying incorrect or inaccurate information. Doing so may cause the clients’ order to be fabricated improperly. All products are manufactured based on the external view of the product (outside looking in) and we supply our measurements height (vertical) by width (horizontal).


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